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In this section you'll see the latest offers of the moment available at Malaper Photography

End of Spring mini sessions offer

What is it? 20 to 30 minutes mini photography sessions outdoors in different locations of Bristol.

Where is this happening? Ashton Court, nearby the Clifton Suspension Bridge, or Royal Fort Gardens,

When is it? This offer runs from the 31st of May until the 4th of June 2021. The date are as follow:

- Monday 31/05/2021 Ashton Court estate from 17.30 to 19.30 (3 sessions available)

- Tuesday 01/06/2021 Ashton Court estate from 17.30 to 19.30 (3 sessions available)

- Wednesday 02/06/2021 Clifton Suspension Bridge from 18.00 to 20.00 (3 sessions available)

- Thursday 03/06/2021 Royal Fort gardens from 17.00 to 19.00 (3 sessions available)

- Friday 04/06/2021 Ashton Court estate from 17.00 to 18.30 (2 sessions available)

How much is it? There are 2 formats for these mini sessions:

> Pro light sessions £20: 20 minutes photo session for professional pictures and headshots, online viewing gallery of 15 pictures to choose 1 high resolution digital image to download.

Note: this session format isn't designed for families and children as 20 minutes is not be enough time to capture poses of all participants.

Catching light sessions £40: 30 minutes photo session, online viewing gallery of 20 pictures to choose 2 high resolution digital images to download.

Note: these sessions are not designed for big families and will be available for groups of up to 5 people only, for bigger family groups head to our family page for pricing.

If you are interested, to reserve your spot get in touch and we will sort out details to get your session booked.

Who is this for? The 20 minutes sessions are perfect for portrait, headshots if you're a professional looking to update your profile picture. The 30 minutes sessions are great for families and couples. These sessions are designed to be short but still capture important pictures for you without costing the moon. You can choose to just have images taken of your children or the whole family with a maximum of 5 people.

Unfortunately these sessions are not suitable for newborns.

What should I wear? I encourage you to wear something in which you feel comfortable and happy, these are your photos and I want you to be happy with the images. 

There are a few pointers to consider to help get the best images possible.:

- Try to avoid very bright colours, bold patterns and logos.

- You can pick a colour scheme for everyone as well.  

- This doesn’t mean everyone has to wear exactly the same, just a few cohesive colours.

How will it look like? Have a scroll to the bottom of the page and you'll see some pictures of my previous sessions.

How do I book? You can book a session via the Contact & Booking section, by emailing me at, or by calling me at 07468 028840.

How do I pay? Payment can be made by bank transfer.  Full details will be provided upon booking.


When will the pictures be sent to me? Within 10 days after the photo session your images will be uploaded to an online viewing gallery, then you'll be able to choose the pictures that you would like to download in high resolution. I then retouch and edit your selected pictures, I don't go overboard with that,  just colour correcting, adjusting the exposition of the pictures if needed and making sure that you look at your very best on them!

What about Covid restrictions are we allowed to do a photo session? Yes as long as we respect the guidance 1 to 1 sessions from 8th to 29th of March and the rule of 6 when meeting outdoors after the 29th of March, so 5 people and the photographer. At all time I'll make sure that we keep socially distanced during the session.

What happens if I need to rearrange because of Covid 19? If you are in need to self isolate you're more than welcome to postpone the shoot to a later date until it's safe for you to meet other people. If a suitable arrangement cannot be found then you're welcome to get your deposit back.

In case it would be me needing to self isolate the same applies we can rearrange the session or the deposit can be returned to you.

Outside of Covid 19 related issues the regular terms and conditions apply in case of cancellation less than 72 hours before the session.

Anything else? Make sure that you come in great spirit, be natural and try to forget the camera, I'll make my best to make you feel comfortable, if you have fun during the session pictures will look even better, relax and enjoy the experience!

This will not be with us forever but the same applies as your kids are growing up during these strange times, you should go ahead and make a booking, then if we need to rearrange then be it, but it would be a shame to let the moment pass by and miss an opportunity to create memories of your family...

Looking for a full photo session? Visit our Facebook or Instagram, give it a follow to enjoy a £5 discount on your 1st session booked with us (read Support us section below for more).

*This offer is valid from 31/05 to 04/06/2021 and is redeemable only once per household until its expiry date.

Gift vouchers for a photography session


Want to gift someone you love with an experience in 2021 rather than a physical present?

Why not buy them the gift of a lifetime memories with a photography shoot?

Any of the photographic packages on offer (portraits; family; maternity; mini session) can be purchased as a gift voucher for a truly unique experience for someone special!


If you would like to purchase a gift voucher and are wondering about the kind of sessions available then by all means check it here .

T&C's Apply

Support us


By following Malaper Photography on Facebook and Instagram you help it growing its audience and reach even more people. As a thank you for doing that we will offer you a £5 discount on your 1st photo session with us (valid for portraits; family; maternity; mini session ; limited time promotional offers are excluded).

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