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I have always been interested in cameras and photography since my childhood. I remember getting my hands on my first single-use film camera, being thrilled and impatient to see the pictures developed on the 5" by 7" prints.

Sometimes with questionnable results in my early years as amateur photographer as you can imagine!

Digital cameras changed it all with a new era of instantly available pictures without waiting for films to be developed to see them. I remember as well being astonished by the possibility to record videos with such small devices.

After using different compact cameras, I finally made the big jump and bought my first DSLR camera before a trip to Canada during summer 2016. After that time my passion for photography became more vivid, to that stage that I started to work as a freelance photographer with small local businesses, colleagues, sports clubs, friends and progressively more people.

My philosophy as a photographer:

I believe that photography should be accessible to more people. Having a photographer dedicated to take pictures of you for you is so different than taking quick snaps with a smartphone especially if you are looking to get authentic looking images. Photographs are such an amazing way of capturing moments of your freezing the action, the emotion, and creating unique memories.
I want to make sure that the service I provide is bespoke, non-intrusive and produces natural looking images of these simple moments of the everyday life.

I love the medium of photography to communicate message to its audience, creating lifetime memories, inspiring emotions, feelings, catching the eye of the viewer, all of this without saying a word or writing any sentence.

This is how powerful some pictures are, and I hope to be able to deliver a bit of this power to you through my work as photographer!

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