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Commercial Photography

These days, your online presence is like the front window of your business. It is the way your product or service is seen by your customers. Most of them research online before actually visiting your shop or making contact with you.

So essentially the sale is done on the first impression, you need to make sure it counts!

Your website design, the copy write and photographs you display on your social medias & website will be your main selling tool.

Now you will tell me we all have phones, and it is fairly easy to take photographs of a product, however with professional commercial photography, there is the added level of understanding the use of the photographs, then adapting what and how these are shot to fit their purpose. This is where the photographer's expertise comes into play and by a combination of playing with composition, light, and depth of field will make your images pop this little more to hook your viewers attention!

That way you can make sure to capture the essence of your product/service and ensure that your brand will stand out.

Let me help you to achieve the next step of capturing what makes your business what it is, so you can focus on what you do best running your business while have you covered for the photography side of it!

Here are some of the commercial photography I can do for you:

- Interior + Exterior Photography of your shop
- Food Photography
- Product Photography (Flat Lay or in Environment)
- Personal Branding/Headshot Photography (see my Lifestyle portfolio)


Hourly rate

£220 per hour

Half day rate

£720 (up to 3.5 hours cover)

Additional hours charged at a rate of £190

Full Day rate

£1330 (up to 7 hours cover)

Additional hours charged at a rate of £170


You need photography regularly or you want something tailored to your needs?

Get in touch and we will discuss how we can help

Better understand commercial photography


What you’ll receive for the prices above:

  • My time to take your photographs – your costs are based on how long it takes me to shoot your images

  • My eye as a photographer to play around and find how to best photograph a subject

  • My time to process your images – they will be cropped, edited for colour balance and cohesion, basic sharpening, as and if necessary, corrected for geometry – in general as a rule of thumb, an hour of shoot means (at least) 2 hours of processing/editing your images. There are no extra charges for this basic processing as it is already factored in my hourly rate.

  • I aim to store all of the original photo files for at least 6 months (more if required but subject to an additional charge)
  • Free post-production advice

  • Public Liability Insurance


Any expenses will be clearly detailed on your quote, but in general:

  • I charge mileage for all projects more than 15 miles out of Bristol (BS11) at £0.60 per mile

  • I charge travel time for all projects over 2 hours away from Bristol. Nothing is charged for the first 2 hours (in each direction) then £40 per hour for each additional hour (in each direction) – rounded up to the full hour

  • Tolls and access charges may be charged at cost

  • Hotels and expenses (if required) are charged at cost

License costs:

  • Unless agreed otherwise in the contract for a specific project, the prices above are not inclusive of commercial licenses for files, files from the viewing gallery can be purchased with commercial license for £25 each. Depending on the shoot I provide anywhere between 70 to 120 images per hour of shooting available to view in an online gallery. You can then review, select and purchase the pictures you really want to showcase your business under the best light.

  • Supply of your high resolution images: this is usually electronically, but USB storage are available on request

  • A license/the right to use the images: I do not normally place any time restrictions on how long you can use the images or how many times you use them, BUT there may be restrictions on HOW you use them, and these will be detailed in your contract (this restriction usually only applies to large scale, world-wide, non-web advertising campaigns)

  • For more information about licenses get in touch



  • Basic image processing – cropping, editing for colour balance, basic sharpening and corrections for geometry – is included in the price you pay for the license of use for the pictures we take for you.

  • Enhanced image processing and Photoshop work – IF required – is charged at £90 per hour or part thereof

  • We do not usually offer a cut-out service, as we believe you can source this elsewhere at a much more competitive price than we are able to offer

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